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AC Waterproofing was created following the successful completion of varied exterior work for some of our established partners. A range of previous endeavours exhibited our knowledge of this sector and demonstrated our capacity to perform, leading to its own specialist division. We were responsible for waterproofing the spire section of London's iconic Shard building.

This Division specialises in roofing, waterproofing, facades, metalwork and joinery, curtain walling, windows and stone work.

We can assist in the design, supply and installation of the following flat roofing applications:

Single Ply Roof Coverings

Available in adhered, mechanically fixed or loose laid (for ballasted application) systems, single ply roofing is the most versatile range of flat roof coverings available on the market available in PVC, TPE and TPO materials.

Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Coatings

Hot Melt Applications

An alternative to Mastic Asphalt is most commonly used on concrete decks for heavily trafficked or landscaped areas. It's rubberised bituminous compound offers a modern and cost effective way of protecting roofs, podium decks, terraces and car parks.

Cold Applied Applications

The seamless waterproofing solution. The benefits of this system include negating the use of a boiler or naked flame on site as well as it's ability to form complex details on site free from seams, joints and fixings and it's compatibility with most other systems and substrates means it is ideal on refurbishment projects without the need for removing the existing covering.

Decorative Landscape Solutions

Green/ Brown Roof Systems; available in Sedum Blankets, Plug Plants and Wildflower Seed Mixes.

Paved/Ballasted Coverings

Paved roofing, Inverted ballasted roofs, or warm ballasted roofs, with the necessary level of protection

Timber Decking

We are able to install decorative and functional timber decking which can be utilised alongside most waterproofing systems.

Fall Restraint / Arrest & Roof Safety Systems

We can offer the design, supply and installation of Mansafe Lines (including all necessary PPE) as well as Handrail Systems to effectively and safely carry out maintenance works on roofs and terraces.

Architectural Metalwork

Aluminium coping, fascias and soffit systems available in a variety of finishes including Powder Coating, PVDF, Anodising and plain MILL finishes.

Rainwater Goods

Gutters, downpipes, hoppers and accessories which come in various sizes and finishes as well as bespoke manufacturing of products to meet the client's needs.

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