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AC Manufacturing comprises a bespoke service focusing on attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. We offer specialised joinery, metal fabrication and architectural metalwork on an individual project basis.

Our specialists possess comprehensive knowledge of their trade, having spent many years within the industry. Our team has developed a great understanding of the unique complexities of bespoke furniture; the ability to fit pieces into a variety of spaces means there is no job we cannot cater for. With each project we strive to deliver only the best products and services, that is why we only supply our clients with high quality, durable materials.

We possess a dedicated workshop fitted with a variety of complex machinery that enables us to create a wide variety of bespoke furniture and custom fabricated items. Examples of our prior work include secondary steelworks, staircase frames, reception desks, structural support beams, vanity units and timber furnishings.

AC Joinery has existed as a standalone business under the umbrella of the group since 2013. The company was formed following a request for specific clerestory windows to be installed at the prestigious Holland Green residential development in West London; a major client had encountered difficulties in locating a business with the capability to offer the quality and service required at fair cost – and AC were on hand to deliver.

Following AC Joinery's establishment, first year turnover reached an impressive £1.3m, the fast growth demonstrating strong market appetite for the service. Since the initial contract for hardwood clerestory windows, the business has gained a significant foothold in the bespoke joinery market. The company has garnered a great knowledge for the intricacies of the trade – our ability to fit furniture into a variety of spaces whilst managing their unique complexities means there is no project we cannot cater for.

Our experienced, highly skilled joiners have a total of 85 years of experience between them. AC Joinery has collaborated on projects in the residential, commercial offices and education sectors – all examples of the high quality work we deliver to our clients.

AC Architectural Metalwork is a subsidiary of the AC Group, specialising in the fabrication of bespoke metal furniture, fittings and structural installations. They are also heavily involved with the fabrication of secondary steelworks for our international projects.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with only the best materials, ensuring a superior quality product with exceptional corrosion resistance and high durability. Our work is bespoke, with all metals cut and welded in house by our highly trained specialist team, differentiating us from other fabricators.

The AC Group's established reputation led to a foothold in the fabrication market, and the business has successfully progressed since its recent inception via a number of high quality projects; including vanity units for the prestigious Holland Green residential development in West London.

Did you know....

AC Fabrication & Weld produced over 1.3m tonnes of finished metal over 2017 / 18.

They delivered to over 5 European Countries, travelling in excess of 450,000km to meet the demands of our international projects.

AC Fabrication have completed over 30,000 man hours without incident.

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